About SAMU Wines
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About SAMU Wines

I’m Sam Underdown, I started SAMU with my wife Sally in 2015 after years of dreaming, doubts and frustration of working for someone else. With encouragement and support from friends and family I took the leap of faith, left my career behind and started SAMU Wines.


Being bold, taking risks and living life has become part of the SAMU ethos and we love to do things a little differently to other wine brands. There are so many interesting varietals such as Nero d’Avola, Montepulciano, Fiano and Lagrein which are not as well known as the traditional varieties but are much better suited to our climate and produce amazing wines.


The name SAMU is a little about me and is also a term for mindfulness and it is about being present and enjoying the moment without getting worried about everything else that is happening around you.


From our focus on Alternative varietals, to our bright pink caps we are all about being bold, taking risks and living life.

Sam and Sally with the trophy for best blend

Sam Underdown / Sally Underdown


South Australia

  • The Parade Cellars
  • East End Cellars
  • The Endinburgh Cellars
  • Stirling Hotel and Cellars
  • The Murray River Queen
  • Georges on Waymouth
  • DEW Drink Eat Work
  • Juniper
  • Minestra


  • Carwyn Cellars
  • The Underwood Wine Bar


  • Silky Oak Resort and Lodge