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Dishes To Enjoy With Your SAMU Summer Variety

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With Summer finally, here, it’s time to pack away the winter reds for another year. It’s finally time to crack out SAMU’s Summer wine variety Fiano and Rosato, as what could possibly be better than a chilled glass of white wine or Rosé on a hot Summer’s day? Much like our reds, SAMU’s Summer offerings also pair well with a variety of mouthwatering dishes. Here are some great meals to try as temperatures slowly climb.


SAMU’s only white is filled with a variety of flavors, with hints of tangy citrus fruits, sweet but tart pineapple, and juicy pear. SAMU’s mouth-watering Fiano also includes aromas of honey and nuts. This cool and flavorsome white would pair well with a variety of dishes that include ingredients such as, poultry, soft cheeses, shellfish, and mushroom. It would also pair rather nicely with a number of sauteed dishes.

For the Carnivore: Poached Chicken Salad 

Image result for poached chicken salad with coriander and avocadophoto credit: Weight Watchers

Between Christmas shopping, family gatherings, work events and everything else that comes along with this crazy time of the year. It is understandable that most of us can start feeling a bit fatigued. Meaning that it is also likely there will be some days where your feet and wallet are hurting from Christmas shopping, you’re sick of overindulging in catered food as well as Christmas treats. It can lead you to begin craving simplicity, and a poached chicken salad is a perfect dish for that. With its quick prep and cooking time, poached chicken salad is an easy dish to end those busy and overindulgent days ahead. For this light dish, all you’ll need is a chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, coriander, onion, avocado, and corn, as well as a salad dressing of your choosing. Here is a simple and tasty recipe from Good Chef Bad Chef.

For the Pescetarian: Seafood Marinara 

Image result for seafood pasta marinaraphoto credit:

With Christmas around the corner, it is the perfect time to try out some new recipes. Thankfully for most, a seafood meal just happens to be the quintessential part of the Australian Christmas. Seafood Marinara is a pasta dish that is bursting with flavors and it will keep you feeling satisfied until it’s time to indulge in some Christmas deserts. Despite being packed full of ingredients, Pasta Marinara is quick and relatively easy to make. Here is a great recipe from

For the Vegetarian: Mushroom Risotto 

Image result for mushroom vegetarian risottophoto credit: Simply Recipes

Mushroom risotto is not only a great dish to serve vegetarians, but it’s also a hearty dish anyone can enjoy on those meat-free nights. Naturally gluten-free and filled with hearty mushrooms, Risotto is a quick-easy meal with very little prep time. It will leave your belly feeling satisfied, however, it is a surprisingly light dish. Meaning that it is that perfect dish to serve up in the Summer months. To create this Italian classic, all you’ll need is arborio rice, parmesan, vegetable stock, white wine, garlic, onion, dried porcini mushrooms as well as any other variety of fresh mushrooms. Here is a mouthwatering recipe from the BBC.


SAMU’s pretty in pink Rosé, Rosato, is bursting with flavors. It’s red berry flavors such as raspberry and strawberry means it is the perfect Summer addition. This blushed colored beauty would not only make the perfect party staple, but it would also pair best with dishes that include root vegetables, herbs, poultry, pork, veal, and white fish.

For the Carnivore: Crumbed Veal Cutlets 

Related image  photo credit:

An easy meal that the whole family can enjoy, crumbed veal cutlets would make the ultimate Summer and Christmas dinner staple. An easy dish to put together, all you’ll have to do is buy fresh veal cutlets as it’s likely you’d already have all the other ingredients in your pantry. Serve it up with a couple of roasted vegetables of your choosing and you’ve got yourself a quick but hearty meal. Here is a great recipe from South Australia’s own,  Maggie Beer.

For the Pescetarian: Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce 

Barramundi Lemon Butter photo credit: The Better Fish

Another quintessential part of the Australian Summer is fresh fish. Whether it’s grilled or battered, many can agree that fish pairs well with a hot Summers day. Fish also pairs well with a chilled glass of Rosé, particularly white fish like Barramundi. Barramundi with lemon butter sauce is a quick dish with only twenty minutes of prep and cooking time all up. With very little ingredients, cooking this dish promises that there is no mess. This makes it the perfect dish to make after a long and busy day. All you’ll need is fresh barramundi, olive oil, basil, garlic, lemon juice as well as salt, and then you’re all set! Here is a scrumptious recipe via

For the Vegetarian: Eggplant Pizza 

Image result for eggplant pizza                                                                                     photo credit: Spark Recipes

This dish is a healthier spin on everybody’s favorite Italian takeaway. Eggplant pizza is just as hearty and filling as the real deal, however, with more nutritional value. The perfect appetizer or main meal, eggplant pizza would pair perfectly with a glass of our Rosato. It’s also a creative way to get your kids to eat their veggies. Eggplant pizza just about fits every dietary requirement, making it the perfect appetizer to bring to Summer and Christmas festivities, along with a bottle of Rosato. For this dish, all you’ll need is a couple of eggplants, sugo sauce, and mozzarella, as well as a variety of topics of your choosing. Here is a healthy and hearty recipe from Eat Good 4 Life.

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