Introducing Our 2018 Lagrein - SAMU Wines
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Introducing Our 2018 Lagrein

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Made from dark berries and ripe plums which give this wine its crimson-purple appearance, our 2018 Lagrein is a red wine like no other.

Packed full of flavour, our 2018 Lagrein will warm your insides during the upcoming cooler months. Enjoy a glass of Lagrein amongst friends at your next dinner party, at a romantic date night with a loved one, or even to unwind after a long day’s work.

To elevate the vibrant flavours of our 2018 Lagrein, enjoy it with hearty and warming meals, such as, casseroles, pot roast, as well as grilled meat. You could even accentuate the wine’s dark berry flavour by following up your meal with a berry Pana Cotta for dessert.

An Old French Oak, this drop has a velvety-smooth finish, making it a cracking red. So, embrace the bright red wine smile by indulging in our latest red this winter.

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