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Introducing SAMU’s 2018 Rosato

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A season that’s filled with barbeques and picnics, Summer is the season of gatherings. As a light, often sweet and versatile wine, Rosé is the ultimate wine to bring along to any gatherings you may have this Summer. A great way you could commemorate a Summer filled with good company, good food, and good wine, is by trying out SAMU’s latest Rosé: 2018 Rosato.

SAMU’s 2018 Rosato gets its blush-pink hue from the appearance of red berries such as raspberries and strawberries. SAMU’s Rosato could be the ideal summer gathering staple. It is bursting with succulent and fruity flavours that are reminiscent of sunsets or a hot summer’s day.

If you are looking to pair this extra-fruity concoction with an equally mouth-watering meal, it is highly recommended that you pair it with dishes that include root-vegetables, poultry, herbs, veal, and white fish.

For more information on SAMU’s 2018 Rosato 🍓🍇🍷, watch this space…

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