Introducing SAMU's 2018 Vintage Fiano - SAMU Wines
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Introducing SAMU’s 2018 Vintage Fiano

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With the warm weather that Spring brings right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pack away the reds and indulge in some refreshing white wines. It is also the perfect time for SamU Wines to launch their latest white wine offering, the 2018 Vintage Fiano.

Packed full of flavor, this vintage is best served chilled. The 2018 Vintage Fiano has a crisp and fruity taste to it, making it perfect for the warmer days coming up. It is recommended that you enjoy this white with a nice cool salad or some mouth-watering seafood.

For all the latest information on the latest wine in SamU’s collection,  including the release date, watch this space…

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