Ital Adelaide Opening - SAMU Wines
Ital Adelaide is a Vegan cafe, bar, music space in Adelaide
Ital Adelaide Opening
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Ital Adelaide SAMU WInes

Ital Adelaide Opening

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ITAL Adelaide is a pop up Vegan cafe x Bar x Music venue located at 80 Hindley Street in the heart of Adelaide. The owners Jules and Erin are super excited to launch this new adventure. Normal trade will start from Monday April 3rd serving an all Vegan brunch menu, Gourmet coffee, Fresh juices and other delicious treats. Ital Adelaide is also open Friday and Saturday nights with an all Vegan bar menu, booze and local DJs.

All SAMU wines are minimal intervention and we don’t use any animal products that are commonly used in winemaking such as egg white and skim milk, so our wines are all vegan friendly.

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