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Partners in Wine

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Over the past couple of months SAMU Wines has formed some valuable partnerships and connections with companies in South Australia. One of these is particularity vital… our grape producer Ricca Terra Farms who is the leader in growing alternative grape varieties in Australia and changing the game in the Riverland region. Ricca Terra Farms have introduced predominantly Sicilian Italian grape varieties which are better suited to the Riverland climate and produce fantastic tasting wine!

Being a small start up wine label based in the suburb of Prospect in Adelaide we are fortunate to be able to work part time from a new co-working space called Little City Studio. There are a number of small businesses operating out of Little City Studio including wine marketers, web developers, social media marketers, a video producer and even a builder! Little City Studio is in the heart of Prospect and is a fantastic place to work, hold events and be part of a great creative community.

We also worked with Verity design agency who developed the distinctive SAMU Wines label, branding and website. The team at Verity have done a fantastic job at creating the SAMU Wines brand from concept to reality and we have had many positive comments on the face label design and branding.

A lot of work has gone in to establishing the SAMU Wines label and we very grateful for the help, assistance and advice from these great businesses.




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