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SAMU Nero d’Avola Lagrein in the top 100 wines of Summer

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I was pretty happy to wake up on Saturday morning and see some messages from friends who saw the 2016 SAMU Nero d’Avola Lagrein in The Advertiser’s top 100 Wines of Summer. As a new wine label it is hard to stand out among the established brands, but it is great to have writers like Tony Love who seek out new and interesting wines and actually write about them.

We only made 1 barrel of this wine in 2015, it was a little bit experimental, definitely a unique blend mixing the northern Italian Lagrein with the southern Italian Nero d’Avola. Working in the vineyard with Ashley Ratcliff from Ricca Terra Farms helped to bring this to life and goes to show they produce some fantastic fruit. This year we increased the production, I handpicked a lot of it myself to make sure we could get the best whole bunches as possible and being the 2nd year the vines were harvested, there was more fruit, which meant I needed a few more old oak barrels.

SAMU is about being bold and taking risks and living life; from the alternative varieties, to the blending, to the hot pink caps we really wanted to create something interesting and delicious, and this wine is it in a bottle.

BTW: The Nero d’Avola Lagrein goes well with all sorts of meats and food (I’ve done my research), I now will have to give the Kangaroo a try.

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