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Making the 2016 SAMU Fiano

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In late January we handpicked and made the first edition of the SAMU Fiano white wine.

The temperatures in the Riverland had been quite high (consistently 36 degrees plus) throughout January, which meant the grapes had ripened earlier than expected. We made the call to pick before the sugar levels (baumé) went too high and to preserve the Fiano fruit flavour, while maintaining the natural acidity of the grape.

The Fiano variety originates from Campania in Southern Italy and is also found in Sicily. It is a thick skinned grape variety, which helps to protect the flavour and moisture in the warmer climate. The thicker skin also means that there is less juice held in the grape meaning there is less yield / tonne of grapes than other varieties.

The Fiano grapes were small tightly packed bunches of delicious berries and were a bright green grass colour. After the mornings work of hand picking we were off to the winery in the Barossa to crush and make the wine. The bunches were de-stemmed and crushed and lightly pressed, chilled and left to ferment naturally without any sulphur or yeasts being added.

We created a video of the whole process on the day that you can see in the video at the top of the page.

From this

To this

Morning tasting of the #SAMUwines #Fiano 👌🏼#swirl #local #smallbatch #riverland #lambertestate

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In June we bottled the 2016 SAMU Finao and made around 100 cases of this fresh, crisp, deliciousness. The bottles are now resting quietly while we are preparing for the exciting time of labelling the 2016 SAMU Fiano!

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